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Welcome to KitengaWiki!Edit

This Wiki is dedicated to the women and children of Kitenga Village, and our developing partnership between the University at Buffalo community and the Immaculate Heart Sisters of Africa and the Rorya District of Tanzania. You can help improve our wiki and its knowledge base by contributing information and pages:

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Table of ContentsEdit

Buffalo Tanzania Education Project (BTEP)

Republic of Tanzania

Kitenga Girls' Secondary School Dormitory Project

Mara Region

Rorya District

Kitenga Village

U.B. Center for Educational Collaboration

Immaculate Heart Sisters of Africa

Community Trips

Get Involved


The Buffalo Tanzania Education Project (BTEP) was founded in 2008 as a multi-disciplinary partnership between the University at Buffalo Community and the Mara Region of Tanzania. It is a community initiative that seeks to increase opportunities for women and girls in rural Tanzania by aligning resources and expertise around four key areas of focus: education; economics; infrastructure; and health. All BTEP initiatives feature strong partnerships with community organizations; engaged research; and close communication with the Immaculate Heart Sisters of Africa  (IHSA) and the broader Mara community.

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