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Co-Founder, Dr. Katie Biggie with Sister Rita Matiku, former Mother General of the IHSA

The University at Buffalo Center for Educational Collaboration (CEC) was established in 2007 to serve as the hub for UB’s pre–K–16 initiatives. The CEC coordinates connections between UB’s intellectual and professional resources and school systems. By organizing outreach efforts in a way that is both strategic and aligned with district needs, the center seeks to maximize the university’s collective impact and strengthen the pipeline between pre–K–12 and higher education.

The center is also the administrative home of the UB-Buffalo Public Schools Partnership, a comprehensive joint effort between UB and the Buffalo Public Schools to improve academic outcomes for all of the district’s students with the goal of strengthening students’ preparation for college and beyond.

Our mission

To increase the number of pre–K–12 students ready for and interested in college through the mobilization and coordination of diverse UB resources.

Areas of focus

Research and Evaluation

Creating and implementing studies that evaluate the impact of educational initiatives and allow for strengthening of programs. Academic acceleration Creating accelerated learning opportunities that engage and prepare students for success in college and beyond. Pre–K–16 Programs Facilitating and supporting students’ successful transition from high school to college. Capacity building

Cultivating opportunities for meaningful engagement through grant development, relationship building, and community engagement.

Signature programs Summer Acceleration

Summer programs include the Excelsior Scholars Program, designed to provide middle and high school students with accelerated learning experiences related to science, technology, engineering, math (STEM), and related disciplines. Summer offerings feature accelerated curricula, exploration of career paths, and guided research.

Efficacy Study

A series of collaborative research studies evaluating the impact of school district initiatives. Studies are designed and implemented by an interdisciplinary team of UB researchers and district representatives. Kids Voting WNY

The regional chapter of a national program focusing on civic education and student voting in partnership with local volunteer and civics-based organizations and UB academic programs.



The CEC coordinates and directs the UB-Buffalo Public Schools Partnership programs and other signature PreK-16 activities. Capacity Building

Engages faculty and staff from across the university in partnership-related activities and fosters relationships with external organizations to cultivate opportunities for engagement.


Serves as a central point of communication for information, resources, and programs related to pre–K–16 education.